Services Offered by South Coast Tree Service

Trimming/Pruning The process of trimming and lacing trees requires experience and knowledge of certain tree species as well as their biological processes. A certified Arborist will walk you through the complete tree care process and help you to understand and identify the proper types of trimming for your trees.

Tree Removal Often times it may be necessary to remove a tree from the landscape for various reasons. If you are uncertain if a tree needs to be removed or not we will help and provide options or remedies for a particular tree if possible. SCTS is well equipped to handle any removal job, large or small. If replacement trees are necessary SCTS will guide you through the process and make appropriate suggestions.

Stump Grinding/Root Pruning Upon removal of a tree an owner may choose to have the stump grinded away. The process of stump grinding is achieved using a high rpm stump grinding machine which processes your stump into fine wood chips which return to your soil as mulch. Stumps are traditionally grinded 8-10” below existing soil grade. Root pruning is often desirable to stop the spread of trouble roots near houses, fences or concrete.

Yearly Maintenance Most clients after having their landscape trees and shrubs professionally maintained will chose to repeat the process on a 6 month to year maintenance schedule. This helps to keep their trees healthy and safe as well as preserves a neat appearance. Having a well maintained landscape shows pride of ownership and adds value to any property!

Equipment Only newer model and state of art equipment is utilized by SCTS. Safety attire and practices are utilized every day and on every job. Our climbers and ground crew are trained continuously on proper rigging methods and chain saw usage.

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